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Professor Emeritus Honor

Hey, I made the cut! Heidelberg University has provided me with a new title: Professor Emeritus of Composition and Music. The honor was conferred to me after final approval from the Heidelberg Board of Trustees in June 2022.

Now don’t get too excited. The award simply means that I can keep my Heidelberg email address, a handy convenience for my continued professional work. It also means that I can avail myself of the services of Beeghly Library, always a good thing! I may even be able to bug my good friends in Tech Services for some helpful advice every now and then.

But most of all, I greatly appreciate the honor itself. It feels wonderful to have your hard work recognized by others. Joan and I had the privilege of working with a sizeable number of wonderful students. We also valued our fine colleagues, both from the School of Music and Theater and the University. Both of us are products of the liberal arts tradition, and we were pleased to teach in that environment for twenty-one years at Heidelberg.



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