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Joan plays on the road....

Joan and I would like to thank the congregation of Trinity Presbyterian Church, in Kenton Ohio, for inviting Joan to present a solo organ recital earlier this spring. Joan played on an historic Hook & Hastings Organ, one that has been in continuous use since its installation in 1886.

On the program were pieces by Antonio de Cabezon, William Walond and Louis-Claude Daquin, in addition to modern-era composers Jean Langlais, Samuel Barber and Paul Manz. Joan also presented two of my hymn settings, based on American hymn tunes, Bradbury and Sojourner. Special thanks to Pastor Tomas Pistora and his wife, Stacey Pistorova (Stacey teaches for the College of Education at Heidelberg,) who worked out all of the behind-the-scenes details!


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