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Heidelberg Theater: Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet

Last fall, Heidelberg Theater Director Chris Tucci and I discussed a possible collaboration for a non-traditional presentation of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Sometime after that, Chris heard the electronic music of Caleb Adams, one of my current composition students at Heidelberg. He proposed that we offer Caleb the opportunity to design music and sound for the production and I readily agreed. Caleb has grown immensely as a composer through this experience. I am proud of my student and what he was able to provide for this fine production.

Caleb has assembled his various tracks from the show onto a Soundcloud page, at the request of his friends and colleagues. This will not allow one to totally understand how his music served the action onstage, but it will chronicle his efforts to some extent. If you care to listen, please refer to the following link:


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