Look to This Day! (SATB, piano) - Douglas McConnell
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"To achieve great things, two things are needed: a plan and  not quite enough time."


-  Leonard  Bernstein

Welcome to my composer website; a selection of musical “plans” for your kind review.  Each piece that you will find on this site started as some sort of dream, scenario, or experiment. Improvisation at the piano sometimes helped me to produce specific details; pencil sketches helped to develop them even more.  I come from a generation of composers whose scores were copied with ink and vellum; having the benefits of computer notation is still a wonder to me.  Technology has made me a more flexible composer, one who is willing to make changes, reconsider entire pieces and hopefully improve the quality of my work. 

Leonard Bernstein is right about time; despite my years of experience and the life-changing advances of technology, time is still a source of tension. At some point, enough is enough. One has to move forward with a performance and hope that the results of the moment will be satisfying musically.  Some of the plans in this website may be “great,” while others are certainly of lesser value, but all of them represent my best efforts at a given time. As better plans develop, they will certainly be posted. 

My thanks to the wonderful teachers, mentors and musicians who have enriched my life and made the works listed on this website a reality. Without them, I would not have grown as a composer. 

And now, a word on the artwork……..the design of this website is the work of my daughter, Rachel J. McConnell. I prepared the content; she worked on the presentation, for which I am most grateful.  As a six-year old student in the Mississippi schools, Rachel also created the portrait that you see in the upper left hand corner of this page. Some people tell me that this portrait looks more like Doug McConnell than I do……

The pastel portrait was created by my friend Daniel Hauben, who lives in the New York. Daniel’s landscapes of the Bronx among other locations are quite distinctive and beautiful; for more information on the work of this talented artist, please consult his website: http://danielhauben.com

Many of the photographs on this site were shot by another friend, Ron Callahan. Ron is a friend and colleague from Heidelberg University; he is also a terrific church musician as well as a professional photographer. You can find Ron on LinkedIn.